Fly a Cirrus SR-20 in San Diego, CA

Cleared for take-off!

N173CD is a Cirrus SR20 G1 built in 2000 and is currently based at Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego, CA.

It’s available for your next fly-venture, cross-country trip, hour building and a great choice for pilots that are currently pursuing or planning a new rating, i.e. instrument rating or commercial pilot license.


As of 7/1/21, the regular rate will be $225.00 per hour.

A discounted rate of $175.00 is available through a supplemental monthly membership fee of $200/month. Contact for details.

Checkout requirements

Our list of checkout requirements is trying to strike a balance between accessibility and availability to a wide group of pilots while also making sure that each individual pilot is properly trained, experienced, aware and current.

The current checkout requirements are:

  • VFR/IFR syllabus for Cirrus transition (training with any club-approved Cirrus CFI)
  • Satisfactory evaluation flight (with club Safety Officer or designee) 
  • Minimum hours (including all flights with approved CFIs and evaluation flight)
    • Pilots with no time in make/model: 10.0 flight (VFR) or 15.0 flight (IFR) and 8.0 ground (see syllabus)
    • Pilots with time in make/model but no Cirrus Transition certificate: 5.0 flight, addl. hours as required by CFI 
    • Pilots with Cirrus Transition certificate: as required by CFI 
  • Completion of checkout quiz

The requirements for solo flight are:

  • 80 hours total 
  • Private Pilot
  • PlusOne Cirrus Transition Certificate  
  • 1.0 hours in preceding 90 days in SR20 (make/model)

If make/model currency of a pilot has lapsed, a flight with an approved CFI is required prior to any solo flight.


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