The Frequent Flyer – May 2020

I hope that all of you, your families and friends are safe, healthy and not directly affected by the pandemic and the resulting layoffs, furloughs or other economic headwinds.

I really have not much to report for this month’s edition of the newsletter. Bookings were non-existent (0.0 hours on the hobbs) in April. The only upside of that was the low fuel bill. All other costs are coming in as usual, including the (expensive) PlusOne insurance and other expenses for tie-down, etc.

April was also the month in which the current CAPS rocket / parachute celebrated their 10-year anniversary. So it was time to bring the plane to a carefully selected Cirrus Service Center for replacing all components. Unfortunately, the parts are mostly coming out of China and the lockdown disrupted the supply chain which has resulted in parts shortages at Cirrus. It’s not clear when the parts will be available, and it’s possible that the plane will be down for the entire month of May. I will keep ScheduleMaster updated to the best of my knowledge.

I hope that once the plane is back, the worst of the pandemic is over and we can transition into a new normal. I am looking forward to seeing your names on the schedule to help keeping this plane in the club.

Happy Landings!