The Frequent Flyer – August 2020


The plane has been busy (good thing)! It performed some really great cross-country trips last month. Hat-tip to one father-son pilot team that flew it all the way to Coeur D’Alene (KCOE) and set a new endurance record of more than 4 hours on a single leg.

Maintenance update

Over the last weeks, we didn’t have to do much other than adding fuel and some oil here and there.

One cylinder showed a temperature anomaly that was traced back to a partially clogged injector, leading to a lean condition. The injector was cleaned and the cylinder temperature is back to normal and within tolerances.

The oil cap gasket was replaced to ensure a tight fit and good seal of cap and filler tube.

We adjusted the fuel system to the upper end of manufacturers spec to provide for better cooling of the engine, especially for the hot weather operation in SoCal summer days. Please continue to manage CHT temps to stay below 400F in any phase of your flight. Consider step climbs if you can’t stay below that threshold.

We installed new strobe/nav lights this week. See below:

Here is your reminder to always book a standby schedule, even if your plans are not firm yet and may change. Lots of schedules get cancelled or rebooked. The odds are always in your favor.

Book your schedule today!

Happy Landings!