The Frequent Flyer – September 2020


With temperatures picking up and hot weather ahead for the next month, please keep in mind the CHT and oil temperature limitations. Keep CHTs below 400F by considering climbs at 100-105IAS and/or step climbs. Also, keep an eye on the oil temperature. Extended operation on the ground may result in high oil temps.

Trip reports

With this edition of the newsletter, I am also starting a new section with trip reports. You are welcome to share your pictures, stories, FBO recommendations etc. from trips that you have done in N173CD. I’m also happy to publish them, even if they are already a few weeks/months ago. Just send the material to


We took N173CD up north for a week of wine tasting in Sonoma County. Parked at Sonoma Jet Center in KSTS. They took very good care of us and only charged $10/night for parking. Rental car and ice cold water was ready for us when we arrived. We stayed at the Grape Leaf Inn in Healdsburg, CA. It’s a small B&B that is in walking distance of the town square, where you find restaurants and bars.


Maintenance update

Left magneto has been replaced with a SureFly electronic magneto. The engine runs a lot smoother on the ground and in flight. If you notice a short interruption during the mag check when switching from RIGHT to BOTH, this is perfectly normal.

A RAM mount has been installed below the instrument panel on the pilot side. You can mount your iPad using a (few) extension arms and iPad holder.

Here is your reminder to always book a standby schedule, even if your plans are not firm yet and may change. Lots of schedules get cancelled or rebooked. The odds are always in your favor.

Book your schedule today!

Happy Landings!