The Frequent Flyer – November 2020


Goodbye KCRQ, hello KMYF.

The move to Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport in San Diego, CA is complete. N173CD is now ready for your IFR flight training or cross country trips and parked in tie down #162.

New loyalty offer

We try to reward loyalty and encourage proficiency. This is why we are offering a new discount to any member flying 3CD for at least 15 hours over any 90 day period. No signups, no annual fee. Just fly and email when you have reached the minimum and we will process the refund check.


  • Member takes 3CD on a long XC trip and returns with 16.1 hobbs. Member sends email and receives $805 refund check
  • Member takes 3CD for lunch trips to Santa Barbara every other week. Each rental is 2.5 hobbs. After three months, member sends email and receives $750 refund check
  • Member takes 3CD on a XC trip to Santa Rosa, CA. Round trip is 8.0 hobbs. Six weeks later, same member takes 3CD on another XC trip, this time the total hobbs is 10.0. After requesting the refund, member receives a $900 check

Terms and conditions:

  • ScheduleMaster can only handle one rate. Since we have no crystal ball, everyone needs to pay standard rate and request a refund if eligible
  • Refunds processed within 30 days after request
  • Offer subject to change at any time with or without notice. The best way of keeping it valid is to make a lot of use of this offer.

Maintenance update

The MFD is expected back from shop repair on 11/15/20.

Here is your reminder to always book a standby schedule, even if your plans are not firm yet and may change. Lots of schedules get cancelled or rebooked. The odds are always in your favor.

Book your schedule today! Thanks for flying N173CD!

Happy Landings!