Checkout form

I confirm that I will operate the aircraft in accordance with all PlusOne Flyers bylaws and federal regulations. In addition, I confirm that I will comply with all of the below requirements at all times:

  • Exercise caution when moving the aircraft on the ramp, especially during towing and parking
  • Conduct full pre and post flight inspection and advise club or owner of any observed or induced damage
  • Perform accurate weight & balance calculation before takeoff, including fuel planning
  • Never return the aircraft with more than 30 gallons usable fuel to the ramp (to avoid weight & balance issues for the next renter). De-fueling penalties may apply in case of violation
  • Exercise active temperature management to keep cylinder head temperatures (CHT) below 420F and oil temperature below 200F at all times, especially in hot weather conditions, using the following techniques:
    • Increased airspeed for better engine cooling (105kts recommended after reaching safe altitude)
    • Step climbs
  • Maintain oil between 6 and 7 quarts. Do not fill more than 7 quarts.
  • Perform takeoff and landings in accordance with speeds and procedures shown in the POH
  • Lean mixture after reaching cruising altitude per tables shown in POH section 5. Lean-of-peak operation is not permitted unless specifically authorized by the owner.
  • Remove all trash